The Rodeo Rhythm Kings were formed in 2003.
The idea was to play authentic, good ol' cowboy
tunes the way folks best remembered them: On
the Big screen, sung by Hollywood Idols like
Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, The Sons of the
Pioneers and more.  No one had any idea that
this act would turn out to be a big a hit as it is.

Somehow, the individual talents of these three
men combined in a way to create pure magic.
Jim is the band's arranger and handles most of
the production. Bo's musical spontaneity,
creativity and just plain "out there" stage
persona keeps things fun and upbeat.  Dave
runs the show. He has the uncanny ability
to "read" an audience's mind, giving them what
they want, and when they want it.  Of course,
that means that no two shows are alike. Each
show is a customized experience.  The boys are
all first rate singers and when their voices blend
together, it sounds completely unique and
pur-ty-dog-gone fine!....But it all starts and ends
with the music. It's simple and fun. It's
everything from butt kickin' to heart warmin'.
And it's as American as apple pie and text
messagin'. So
pick up their CD, or come join the
boys on a musical trail ride. But remember, keep
your arms and legs inside, cause you never
know what's gonna happen, or when.

Remember- The Rodeo Rhythm Kings-"WHERE
Dave Durham

Dave Durham "El Jeffe"
plays Ringmaster to a
controlled musical
pandemonium; engaging
the audience in a
free-for-all, get-involved,
customized, on-the-spot,
entertainment phenom
that is THE RODEO
Jim Rast

"Gentleman" Jim Rast
anchors the group with
smooth baratone vocals
and pounding doghouse
bass slappin'!
Bo Frazer

"Smokin" Bo Frazer
serves up scorchin' hot
licks punctuating the RRK
sound with authenic but
wry Texas fiddle sawin'!