Originally from Philadelphia, Bo played
bluegrass music for many years
with the best musicians in the area, most
notably the Lewis Brothers.  
He appears on several of their recordings
along with Winfield flatpicking champion
Mark Cosgrove.  In the 1980's, he moved to
New Mexico, where he joined up with The
Desperados and became fluent in the local
Western Swing fiddle styles.  On their second
album and in many live shows, Bo was
delighted to literally "play second fiddle" to
the legendary Johnny Gimbel.  The band
opened for "anybody who was anybody" in
the West Texas area throughout the 1980's.

After moving back to the Philadelphia area,
Bo joined SilveRose, a top 40 country dance
band who soon relocated to Florida.  Though
hired as a fiddler and harmony singer, he
became competent also on pedal steel and
telecaster. In 1990 Bo began playing the
fiddle at “The Diamond Horseshoe Revue” in
Disney’s Magic Kingdom. He soon began
working with Big Jim Rast, playing fiddle and
pedal steel in the Cheyenne Saloon at
Church Street Station until its demise in

Throughout central Florida, Bo has
performed with local and touring
theatre companies in "Honky Tonk Angels",
"Always... Patsy Cline", "A Closer Walk with
Patsy Cline", and "Best Little Whorehouse in
Texas".  He is the co-founder of the "Hot
Club of Melbourne" gypsy jazz trio and
continues to play just about anywhere they
might throw money at him: in conventions,
dance halls, bluegrass and Cajun bands.  Bo
has even been seen playing solo violin in a
tuxedo while an especially romantic guy
proposes to his sweetheart!  But Bo says, "It
don't mean a thang if it ain't got that twang”,
so his favorite gig ever is with the Rodeo
Rhythm Kings.
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