Jim Rast has been playing guitar and singing
since the age of three (he went “pro” at the
advanced age of twelve). Although he
performs and enjoys all styles of music from
rock to jazz standards to country and even
Latin, cowboy music has always been his
favorite. Jim says, “I grew up watching the
Lone Ranger on TV and Roy Rogers at the
movies on Saturday morning. And singing
lots of cowboy songs.” Besides playing Bass
Fiddle and singing with the Rodeo Rhythm
Kings, he is equally at home in the
recording studio. Jim is a staff writer for the
Power House music library. He has sung on
radio and TV commercials and jingles for
clients such as Pizza Hut, Advance Discount
Auto Parts, Fox TV Network and lots of
others. He has produced and performed on a
number of fitness and dance instruction CDs
and DVDs. He was co-producer and lead
singer on the recent linedance hit single,
“Cripple Creek.” He also performed for
seventeen years with his band, The
Malones, at the legendary Cheyenne Saloon
at Church Street Station in Orlando where
he was known as “Gentleman Jim.” “But the
coolest thing I’ve ever done in the music
biz,” Jim says, “is producing, recording and
mixing the RRK album. It was a true labor of
love and it’s as good as anything I’ve ever
done. I’m really proud of Dave, Bo, Joe and
Jessy. They all did a great job!”
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