We've got some folks
we'd like to thank: The
incomparable Joe
Trainer for his guitar
work and vocals. We
could not have done
this album without him;
the lovely Miss Jessie
Daumen provided
beautiful fiddle work on
"Spurs" and delivered
flawless harmony on
"Battle Hymn of the

A hearty thanks to Walt
Disney World where
our group was born and
deep appreciation to
Cypress Gardens
Adventure Park where
the act was

There are others who
need mentionin' with
sincere gratitude from
us:  Thanks Dean, Troy,
Jason, Billy, Brian, and
John Henry.  Susan,
thank you for loaning
us your bass fiddle.
Also, thanks to Mary
and Paul at Lewis
Music.  And finally,
Gibson Guitars and
Hohner Harmonicas

Deep thanks for the
patience, support and
inspiration of Bonnie,
Jody and Lisa. You
make us more than
what we are. And,
finally, Dad wants to
thank Maya Pearl
Durham for her 'debut'
performance on "Battle
Hymn of the Republic".

This is our music, we
love it, and we're proud
of it. We hope you have
as much fun listenin' to
it, as we had recording

-Jim Rast
Direct from the
Prairie and HOT
off the saddle!

The Rodeo Rhythm
Kings CD
Here's an Audio Samplin'
of the Kings!
A Word of
Battle Hymn Of The Republic (0:57)
(.wav file)
South Of The Border (0:52)
(.wav file)
That's How The Yodel Was Born  (0:48)
(.wav file)
The Untold Story Of El Paso  (0:48)
(.wav file)
Oh Susannah  (0:40)
(.wav file)